The Price

By Steve Cavin

You don't like it,

Those critical remarks,

The daily grind,

And all those sparks.

"It's OK", you say

Swallowing your tea,

Laced with covert bad intent,

Another bargaining plea.

You don't want it,

Those crumbs of complements,

Spoon-fed, rationed kindnesses,

And murderous implements.

"It's OK", you say

Deadening your voice.

Pretending to be victimized,

As if you had no choice.

You don't agree with it,

A life of second-class.

Let the other guy go first,

And keep off the grass.

"It's OK", you say

And slowly walk away.

Satisfied with the thought,

You'll make a change, someday.

You can't change it,

The chance to act has passed.

A storehouse of silent objections,

And still-born dreams amassed.

"It's OK," you say,

To second-hand advice.

But in your heart of hearts you ask,

Is security worth the price?