Over The Hill

By Steve Cavin

It's all done now!

Fifty-eight years,

Of dreaming and scheming,

Toil and trouble,

Roller-coaster ride.

Reaching for the stars,

A never-ending story, but

It's all done now.

It's all the same now.

Every place that I go,

I've been before!

Every face I that see

I've seen before.

Every thought, and every feeling,

Familiar as my own reflection, but

It's all the same now.

It's all washed up now.

A wave gathering near the shore,

Rose up beneath me,

Carried me along,

And left me behind.

Despite all my cleverness,

And decades of experience, but

It's all washed up now.

It's all changed now.

A new game, with new players.

I hardly know what to think,

Or even what to say.

A stranger in a strange land,

No brothers or sisters in the street,

We tried to share the world, but

It's all changed now.