By Steve Cavin

I look into another's face,

But I'm not there.

Members of the human race,

But what do we share?

I speak in words they know,

But they're not hearing me.

Caught, in the persistent flow

Of some personal reverie.

I truly don't remember when,

I broke some kind of law.

Stepped across a line, and then

Exhibited a character flaw.

Judged, though never once accused,

Sentenced without court or trial.

Ignorant of the standards used,

Banished to a life of denial.

I reach out, and they turn away,

While staring right at me.

For my crime, I have to pay,

Being both exiled, and free.

I no longer have the keys,

All the locks have changed.

A virtual ghost, if you please,

A brother, but estranged.

Waiting for an invitation,

Living out a curse.

Injured by their indignation,

But being ignored is worse.

I'm not keen to win or lose,

I just want to play.

One more time, I stand and choose,

What to be today.