No Doubt

by Steve Cavin

No doubt, there's a heaven above us.

No doubt, there's a prize at the end.

No doubt, there's a Father to love us,

And help will arrive from a friend.

Surely, this world has a reason.

Surely, hard work will yield gain.

Surely, suffering has its reward.

There's paradise after the pain.

Of course, we don't understand it.

Of course, it's part of the plan.

Of course, we need to be patient.

We'd change it, but nobody can.

Have faith, and God will protect you.

Have faith, and you've nothing to fear.

Have faith, it's all as it should be.

Your prayers will be answered, next year.

Ask why, and wait for the the answer.

Ask why, and think carefully.

Ask why, and you may notice,

There's no reason not to be free.