Dirty Rainbow

By Steve Cavin

Got something to eat,

Some clothes, to keep warm,

And a roof, to keep out the rain.

Isn't it enough?

What are you complaining for?

Lotsa folks have less than that,

So be glad, shut up,

And go back to sleep.

Breathe, count the breaths.

Sit down, be quiet, be still.

The torrent of thoughts and feelings,

Washes over, and through you.

Don't get caught up,

Don't go chasing after it,

Watch it come, watch it go,

You are what you are, no matter what.

You woke up this morning,

And you were already waiting.

When you wake up tomorrow,

You will still be here.

Not only now,

But every tomorrow,

For the rest of your life.

And after that, who knows?

You might as wel face it.

Everything external changes,

But everything internal remains the same.

Learn something, earn something,

Make something, or burn something.

Who were you before?

Who are you now?

Who will you be, tomorrow?