Dead Horse

by Steve Cavin

Those who won't take "no" for an answer,

Aren't really listening.

To fail at getting what you want,

Involves a kind of christening.

You might keep trying, anyhow,

But find you don't know when,

"No" means you should stop right now,

And start all over again.

Determination gets things done,

You'd be a fool to quit.

But only a fool can't give up,

And that's the truth of it.

Life cannot be lived by rules,

Or vows that one must keep.

A wise man seeks another way,

When the river gets too deep.

Comes the time it can't be done,

The obstacle won't yield.

When trying harder doesn't help,

The damage can't be healed.

When "no" is no, and can't be changed,

You need a kind of grace.

To give it up, and let it go,

With a smile upon your face.

The problem is, you'll never know,

How close you were to winning.

You might have actually won the game,

Had you played another inning.

You only know the choice you made,

And the choice that you did not.

Second thoughts, and old regrets,

Are better off forgot.