Cup of Kindness

By Steve Cavin

You don't need a pile of gold,

You don't need a brilliant speech.

You don't need to be brave and bold,

And you don't need to help or teach.

Shut your mouth, for just this once,

Keep your silence, for a change.

A cup of kindness, ounce for ounce,

Is easy to arrange.

You can be the best and brightest,

You can be a rising star.

You can be as rich as Midas,

But you're just fine as you are.

Life is not a game to win,

But a chance to help another.

A cup of kindness, and you begin,

To see a little farther.

We can reach the top together,

We can share the golden prize.

We can brave the roughest weather,

With a sparkle in our eyes.

I can't tell you how to get there,

I can't tell you what to do.

A cup of kindness, not a prayer,

Is what I'll give to you.