By Steve Cavin

Do you know Jesus?

You say you believe in Jesus,

But what do you believe, exactly?

Can you believe something without knowing it?

Can you know something without understanding it?

Have you heard what Jesus said?

Have you lived what Jesus taught?

Do you know Jesus?

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus talked with thieves and prostitutes.

You talk to someone who isn't even there.

Jesus healed strangers, for free.

You won't pay for your neighbor's health care.

Jesus asked everyone not to kill anyone.

You send your children to kill people you don't even know.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you know Jesus?

Where does he live?

Does he have brown eyes?

Does he have any brothers or sisters?

Does he like fast food?

Does he have a sense of humor?

You know your friends.

Do you know Jesus?

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus blessed the poor, the meek.

Jesus forgave those who hurt him.

Jesus loved everyone, every one.

Jesus refused to lie, even to save himself.

Jesus worshipped God,

But you worship Jesus.

Do you know Jesus?