For The Love Of Gravity
Author: Steve Cavin
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 108
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For The Love of Gravity

By Steve Cavin

Amidst dust and stars,

Spinning, swirling in the dark,

A nuclear flame is kindled,

And a light sparks the heavens.

Light years from here,

Far away from me.

Yet the universe and I,

Are here, and now, and one.

An explosion so powerful,

That space-time came into being,

Uncounted discreet masses,

Pulling on each other's tail.

Planets orbiting stars.

Stars orbiting galaxies.

Clusters of galaxies, dancing across

The vast, empty floor of space.

Each molecule of my body,

A galaxy of elemental atoms.

Each atom, a solar system,

Of sub-atomic particles.

All together, falling endlessly,

Falling freely toward each other.

The unseen hand of gravity,

Ties the laces of the cosmos.