Echoes From The Earth
Author: Steve Cavin
Publisher: XLibris (2007)
Pages: 92
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A Dragon Came To Stay

by Steve Cavin

A lovely dragon came to stay,

The other day, from far away.

So beautiful was she.

And though I tried

To run and hide, at last I cried,

And asked her please to stay with me.

We loved, and kissed, and cried and fought,

As lovers ought, or so I thought,

While days turned into years.

We thought we'd always feel the same,

She took my name, the children came,

Our laughter mixed with tears.

At last there came a time and place.

We had to face, we'd lost all trace,

Of love and truth and feeling.

We thought we'd better separate,

Before our fate, could turn to hate,

And caring turned to dealing.

We tried our best to let it go.

We didn't know, how to make it so.

And so we stayed together.

To spare the children broken hearts,

We learned the art, to play our parts,

And bear it like bad weather.

But reality will not be cheated,

We were defeated. A love depleted,

Can't live without respect.

The biting word, the silent wars,

They bore the scars, the fault was ours,

An inevitable shipwreck.

The lesson now is very clear.

Stand by me near, so you will hear,

And pray don't take it lightly.

A dragon and a dreamer learned,

That both concerned, can still get burned,

From holding on too tightly.